Heroes Con 2006

| May 29, 2006

James A. Owen will be one of the guests attending the 2006 Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he’ll be signing books, doing sketches, and probably holding the first public reading from DRAGONS… The convention will be held June 30 — July 2 at the Charlotte Convention Center. For more information on the convention […]

Secret Histories…

| May 29, 2006

An expanded and updated description has been posted under ‘A Brief Hiftory of the Imaginarium Geographica’ to your right. It will be updated as new information about the real Geographica is discovered, for as long as we are able to do so. As more people become aware of the history of the Geographica, it will […]

Drawing on inspiration…

| May 25, 2006

The original proposal for DRAGONS was accompanied by thumbnail sketches of all twenty-four illustrations for the book. Some had to be changed (of necessity, as the story changed shape); some, because the original sketches didn’t work. But some, such as the sketch for Chapter One, came forth fully-formed, and differ little from the finished art:

The Prologue

| May 21, 2006

It was a very distinct sound, the quiet scraping of steel on stone, which first told him that his visitors had arrived, followed by a strange sort of tapping, and the shuffling of feet. The tapping outside in the alleyway became more pronounced, and he suddenly realized it was less the sound of tapping than […]