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Make the next five days EXTRAORDINARY

Posted By on February 17, 2012

When I first released Drawing Out The Dragons: A Meditation on Art, Destiny, and the Power of Choice, I offered the ebook for free to librarians, so that any kid who wanted to read it could, whether or not they could afford it.

Two days ago, I offered the DotD ebook for free for 24 hours. Over 1100 people got a copy.

Yesterday, I posted the reason why I made that 24 hour offer. And why, for the next five days, I’m extending that offer to EVERYONE. No limitation. My goal is 2500 downloads.

Everyone knows someone who is looking for answers to questions that are sometimes just as elusive. No one else can define the questions or find the answers for anyone else – but we can show people our own path, and teach them to illuminate their own. That’s what this book does. Give this link to someone you love, and show them some light.


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aissa says:

I just wanted to say Thank You very much for sharing this book. It has been very inspiring in my life.