A Special Preview of THE DRAGONS OF WINTER – in honor of Ray Bradbury

| June 6, 2012

From Chapter Fifteen – an excerpt which has more meaning today, for reasons I wish it didn’t. ***** The companions were led to an outdoor ampitheater that bore traces of Greek design, as well as that of China, India, the Navajo and other cultures which perhaps hadn’t even existed yet in their own time. When […]

Music for the Masses

| December 29, 2007

Finding out that James Langton (who read Lloyd Alexander’s PRYDAIN books) would be doing the audio versions of my novels was a delight; but actually hearing them come to life is amazing. I finally get what Neil Gaiman’s always talked about regarding the readings his friend Lenny Henry does of his books. For your audio […]

By popular demand!

| July 5, 2007

A lot of readers have been writing or posting (or even calling) asking if we’d be making any art from HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS available for purchase; and I am very happy to announce the Coppervale Studio has just begun production of a series of full-sized prints of the illustrations from the book – beginning […]

The last DRAGONS postcards…

| November 19, 2006

…Are going out in the mail this week! We finally got a printer to finish the large color postcards of the cover art (signed by the author), and they will be going out asap. Thanks to those of you who have been so patient! And it’s still not too late for the rest of you […]