The Dragon’s Apprentice

DA cover300 The Dragons ApprenticeA terrible prophecy … an ancient enemy … and a journey that spans time itself

 “The Shadows will be coming for you, child,” Mother Night said. “They are coming for you now. Be ready.”

A mysterious visitor has come to Tamerlane House seeking the Grail Child, Rose Dyson, to deliver an ominous warning: History itself has unraveled, and only Rose might be able to reweave the threads of time. But she cannot do it alone, and the enemy, the primordial Shadows called Echthroi, is already gathering its power to stop her by any means necessary.

John and Charles, two of the legendary Caretakers of the Imaginarium Geographica, receive a similar warning from an old friend – but before anything can be done, they discover that the Keep of Time has finally fallen, and the connection between the Archipelago of Dreams and the Summer Country has been severed. It is knowledge that comes at a high cost – the life of one of the Caretakers.

To restore both worlds, Rose, the Caretakers, and their uneasy allies from the Imperial Cartological Society must use the last of the Dragonships to embark on a dangerous journey into a time-lost Archipelago ruled by the Echthroi, and then into time itself, where Rose must do the impossible. She must convince the last apprentice of the Dragons, a man who was on the Shadows’ greatest champion, to become a Dragon himself. But the Echthroi have plans of their own, and not all the Caretakers have chosen light over shadow ….

Read through Part One and see the detailed illustrations!

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