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Notes and News from beyond the Archipelago

Posted By on May 21, 2007

There have been very few updates to the main website, due in part to an upgrading of servers at our ISP, and (mostly) because of a quite packed tour schedule, and the production of new books. (!)

As always, the best way to remain current on DRAGONS news and other good trouble is to bookmark my online sketchbook and journal, which can be found here.

More updates will be posted in the next few days. The shorthand version is that HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS has gone through multiple hardcover printings; rights have been sold in many countries; and there are more books on the horizon. I have done almost three dozen signings or lectures since October. And work on the DRAGONS film with Messrs. Rosen, Goyer, and Heyman continues apace at Warner.

The wind is at our backs. Onward.

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