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Tomorrow – THE DRAGONS OF WINTER is here!!!

Posted By on August 27, 2012

Tomorrow’s the day!! The sixth Imaginarium Geographica book, THE DRAGONS OF WINTER officially goes on sale – and while I will be doing launch events at the Desert Ridge Barnes & Noble (Scottsdale) and Changing Hands (Tempe) as well as being a GoH at Coppercon 32 (Avondale), there will NOT be a formal signing tour. There ARE going to be a few opportunities for events: I’m still doing school and library visits, and I may be painting murals at some point in Texas and maybe Tennessee. I’ll also be having a local event at Crossroads Books later in September – but that’s it. There are several reasons, but the biggest are 1) I have a LOT of work on my plate, a lot of which is for a project I am bursting at the seams to announce; and 2) I WILL be doing a HUGE tour next year for the big finish to the series. So everything in its time. But I wanted to post this here, so those of you in far-flung locales who want signed copies won’t be waiting for a local signing. The best place to get signed – and personalized books – is going to be directly from us, here. We’ll have our copies in about a week, and will start shipping them the third week of September. Outside of that, I hope my readers will support your local bookstore – and I hope you all enjoy reading THE DRAGONS OF WINTER as much as I enjoyed making it!

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panther991 says:

I’d just like to say that I love your books and that I especially loved The Dragons of Winter – you did a great job of l inking the storyline back to the first two books of the series, which I loved (although I love them all). I’d just like to say that I hope you tie up all the loose ends you’ve left (still not criticizing you, just expressing my confidence you’ll do it.) For example, I’d like to know more about what happened to Merlin and Deucalion after the events of book. 5, Jack the giant killer, and what the connection is between Jesus and the Erl-king, and what the inversion you mentioned in connection with them was. My only criticism is your mention of Heaven in the dragons of winter – I have no problem with angels being a foil for the echthroi, but Heaven sounds cosmic, preachy, and above all messes with my suspension of disbelief. I guess for that to work, we need a ‘shadow world’ for the echthroi too, but do us a favor and don’t cal it Hell, okay? Actually, you could just do what you normally do, and give each dimension numerous names (moksha, hades, etc.), each an allusion, that’d be okay. What happened to Hugo? Oh and I also want the apprentices to be more of a presence – maybe even main characters – in the next book. Thanks, I love your writing!

jbsp1231 says:

I hope you come to Knoxville TN!!!