The End Is Only The Beginning

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Simon & Schuster have just made public the finished cover art for the final book in the first Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica: THE FIRST DRAGON.

On November 12 — the day after my birthday — readers will finally experience the end of the story I began in 2006 with HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS. Somethings ended up being different in the writing than they were in the planning, but I believe I ended up — with the story, as well as in my life — exactly where I was meant to go.

All of the previous books in the series may be purchased — signed and sketched-in — from the Coppervale Marketplace/Crossroads Bookstore.

Mark your calendars — THE FIRST DRAGON goes on sale at fine booksellers everywhere on November 12, 2013!

FirstDragonCover 199x300 The End Is Only The Beginning

Everything is Signal

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Have you checked out the new yet?

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This announcement has been several months in the making, and while there are still some changes to be made and some fine-tuning to come, now was the right time to make it, so make it I shall. I have a link for you, where, among other assorted marvels and wonders, you can find a new, brief essay – an essay which includes a graphic, and a message. ALL of it is Signal. And ALL of it is meant to be shared as often and as widely as possible (especially the graphic). This – and all future Signals – will focus on my books The Meditations, and my work, and my art, and the things that I believe are really important in this world, and in this life. The first new entry is dated today. I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve shared – and will share it in turn with everyone who needs to read it. Good things are coming here – every day.

Tomorrow – THE DRAGONS OF WINTER is here!!!

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Tomorrow’s the day!! The sixth Imaginarium Geographica book, THE DRAGONS OF WINTER officially goes on sale – and while I will be doing launch events at the Desert Ridge Barnes & Noble (Scottsdale) and Changing Hands (Tempe) as well as being a GoH at Coppercon 32 (Avondale), there will NOT be a formal signing tour. There ARE going to be a few opportunities for events: I’m still doing school and library visits, and I may be painting murals at some point in Texas and maybe Tennessee. I’ll also be having a local event at Crossroads Books later in September – but that’s it. There are several reasons, but the biggest are 1) I have a LOT of work on my plate, a lot of which is for a project I am bursting at the seams to announce; and 2) I WILL be doing a HUGE tour next year for the big finish to the series. So everything in its time. But I wanted to post this here, so those of you in far-flung locales who want signed copies won’t be waiting for a local signing. The best place to get signed – and personalized books – is going to be directly from us, here. We’ll have our copies in about a week, and will start shipping them the third week of September. Outside of that, I hope my readers will support your local bookstore – and I hope you all enjoy reading THE DRAGONS OF WINTER as much as I enjoyed making it!